Cermat Digital Mudah Berkarya: Penyuluhan Literasi Digital di Desa Limbangan Barat Kecamatan Limbangan


  • Setia Muljanto Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Intan Nurelitsa Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Fitra Rahmawati Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut




digital literacy, community service


Such rapid technological development increasingly encourage people to improve the quality of learning and work. With the cheaper hardware to communicate, it will make it easier for humans to interact with one another. Along with that, the need to understand the digital world is increasing. Literacy or digital technology literacy is a way to be able to understand, to use and to take advantage of the benefits presented through the digital internet network. It is in this virtual space that transactions of the business world as well as trade in goods and information go back and forth. So many options are offered and in an easy way and by simply moving your fingertips, the world feels closer. Almost everyone now has access to mobile phones and is increasingly familiar with the software that is in their hands. Of course, along with the spread of information in cyberspace, this also causes various new problems. Currently rampant fraud committed by people who are not responsible for illegal actions. Hoax news and the use of offensive language or bullying via cyberspace also occur a lot. This is what encourages the service of counseling about digital literacy as a form of community service in our society. The event of this social work was held in West Limbangan village which involved 210 seminar participant which was under IPI students where they stayed in Limbangan Barat 2 base camp.




How to Cite

Muljanto, S., Nurelitsa, I., & Rahmawati, F. (2023). Cermat Digital Mudah Berkarya: Penyuluhan Literasi Digital di Desa Limbangan Barat Kecamatan Limbangan. Konferensi Nasional Literasi Digital Dan Kerelawanan, 1, 1–6. https://doi.org/10.57119/knldk.v1i.49




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